Larsi HPP


  • Start time: 2013
  • Completion time: 2014
  • Client: Energy Ltd

Larsi HPP is located on the Tergi River near the Larsi Checkpoint at the Russo-Georgian border. This is a diversion HPP with the installed capacity of 19.5 mw.

The water needed for the power plant is received from the side catchment basin on the right bank of the river. The water received from the catchment basin flows along the bypass, into a periodically flushed sludge tank with two chambers, and through a 2.9-m wide and 1160-m long steel pressure pipeline to get to the three units in the powerhouse.  

In the weir pier dividing the sluice chamber of the headworks and the side weir dam, there is a fish pass to ensure fish migration from the tailwater to the headwater of the headworks.

The electricity generated by Larsi HPP is supplied to the grid through a 110/6-kv outdoor power station.

The hydropower plant operates in an automatic mode.