Peri LLC - Building a Sustainable Future

At Peri LLC, we are dedicated to creating a better future through our commitment to excellence in construction projects. We specialize in delivering complex infrastructure projects, including hydropower plants, power transmission lines, pipelines, roads, bridges, tunnels, and various structures in challenging terrains. Our mission is to build a sustainable and prosperous local environment for generations to come. In line with this commitment, we declare our unwavering stance on zero tolerance towards forced labor within our corporate entity, subsidiaries, partners, and contractors.

Our Stance

Forced labor and any form of human trafficking are grave violations of human rights, and we vehemently oppose them. We acknowledge the global issue of modern-day slavery, and we are determined to prevent and eradicate it throughout our operations and supply chains.

Our Business and Workforce

As of October 2023, we employ a diverse and dedicated 450 workforces, including full-time and part-time employees. We also collaborate with independent contractors and temporary personnel as needed to supplement our workforce, especially in response to seasonal factors and project demands.

Policies and Controls

We operate under the highest ethical standards, guided by the company’s Code of Conduct, which emphasizes the importance of lawful, ethical, and responsible conduct in all our activities. We are committed to ensuring that our supply chain partners uphold similar principles.

We require all our manufacturing suppliers and service providers to adhere to our principles, which explicitly prohibits the use of child labor, under-aged labor, slave labor, or trafficked labor. We also strictly forbid any form of indentured servitude, physical punishment, confinement, or threats of violence as means of discipline.

Additionally, we mandate that our suppliers and their subcontractors do not retain employees' identification, passports, work permits, or deposits as conditions of employment, except where it is permissible by law. We hold our partners to the same high standards we set for ourselves.

Due Diligence Processes

We conduct ongoing assessments of our manufacturing suppliers and service providers to ensure compliance with our ethical norms. Any supplier found in violation of these principles may face termination, unless they promptly remediate the violations and provide a clear action plan for corrective measures.

Regular audits and findings are reviewed at the highest levels of our organization, and we take immediate corrective actions when necessary.

Risk Management

To align our practices with internationally recognized human rights standards, we engage in continuous benchmarking with industry and multilateral groups. This process helps us design, operate, and improve our risk assessment and audit program, ensuring we remain at the forefront of responsible business practices.

Support and Capacity Building

We are committed to promoting awareness and adherence to ethical and compliance standards among our employees. We have established reporting guidelines for employees to report any violations of our Code of Conduct or the Ethics and Compliance Program.

At Peri LLC, we believe that by actively upholding these principles, we contribute to a world free from forced labor and human trafficking. We are resolute in our dedication to building a sustainable and equitable future, and we invite all our stakeholders to join us in this mission.

This declaration reflects our steadfast commitment to ethical business practices and human rights, and we will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure that forced labor has no place in our organization or supply chains.


Ioseb Mchedlishvili

General Director, Peri LLC